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Keys to a Succesful Home Show or Event exhibiting the Lifestyle Screens garage door screen system

September 24, 2013 1 comment

Lifestyle Screens

Linked LogoHome shows, car shows, bike shows, local fairs, and other civic events – even some higher-end outdoor farmers’ markets and indoor flea markets – with large crowds of people are the best way to let consumers in your area know about Lifestyle Screens. There are many upcoming shows scheduled around the country.

We would like to share some best practices with you that will yield results.

MOTION ATTRACTS ATTENTION: First, motion attracts attention! If you are using a display booth, it is important to keep the Lifestyle Screen moving. This is very important. The minute the motion stops, so will the crowd of people stopping at your booth to see what it is. Have a designated operator and a designated salesperson at each show. Keep your booth manned at all times. We have been asked to demonstrate the recommended method for demonstrating the movement of the Lifestyle garage screen. Here is…

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Lifestyle Screens® Reinvents The Garage Makeover

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