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Profile of a Successful Lifestyle Screens Dealer

October 15, 2013 1 comment


Advanced Screenworks shipped its first Lifestyle Screens garage door screen in August 2012. Since then, our dealer base has grown to several hundred businesses across the US and Canada. Dealers come from as far north as Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada; as far south as Fort Lauderdale, FL; as far east as Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada; and as far west as Honolulu, Hawaii. Also, our product line has since grown and is comprised of (1) our flagship,  patented Lifestyle  Screens garage door screen which we manufacture; (2)  the Rollaround  Screens warehouse door screen which we also  manufacture; (3) a premium  quality line of window, door, porch, patio  and garage retractable  screens manufactured by Genius; and (4) custom  designed screen rooms  with complementing color and style of these three  lines of door screens. With this dealer network and product lines, we have been able to identify the attributes that make a dealer successful and those that do not.

Key to Success: Know the Product Line 

Not all dealers offer all of our products.

The more successful ones do. Why? Because we have set up our product line so that one line fills gaps that may exist in another line. Tailored so that you should never lose a sale to someone seeking a screening solution. This also allows you to make sales of multiple elements of our product lines on a single call.

Not all dealers train their sales staff.

The more successful ones do. When a prospective customer calls to inquire about a product that you sell, the salespersons should know that product. Too often, we hear from customers that they called a dealer and reached a salesperson who didn’t know that they carried the product.


Key to Success: Marketing is a must 

Some dealers sit back and wait for the phone to ring.DisplayUnit
Some dealers wait for a customer to come in and pick up a brochure from their counter.
Some dealers wait for a customer to find them on our dealer locator.
Some dealers wait for us to send them leads from our marketing efforts.

Successful dealers promote the products actively in local advertisements.
Successful dealers show the products at shows, fairs & events with a fully functioning display.
Successful dealers actively promote the products on their website and social media.
Successful dealers have a fully functioning display unit in their showroom.
Successful dealers own their backyard.

Key to Signing a CheckSuccess: It’s All About The Price

Some dealers attempt to extract the maximum possible price from the homeowner.
Some dealers are happy with selling one or two units.

Successful dealers sell products in the vicinity of our well-thought-out MSRP.
Successful dealers are on track to sell hundreds of units per year because they use this pricing.

Key to Success: Train Your Installers

Some dealers send out untrained individuals to perform installations.

LS TrainingSuccessful dealers make sure that their installers are trained.
Successful dealers require installers to read the manual before going on a jobsite.
Successful dealers require installers to watch our videos which are available free on YouTube.
Successful dealers send installers to our facility for factory training.
Successful dealers have installers who identify and up-sell other screening needs of the customer.

Key to Success: Customer Service Leads to Referrals

Some dealers sell the customer, install the product, collect and are done with that customer.

YardSignSuccessful dealers follow up to ensure that a proper installation was completed.
Successful dealers help the customer file their warranty forms with Lifestyle Screens.
Successful dealers seek referrals from the customer. Each installation is a marketing opportunity.

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