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Lifestyle Screens® Reinvents The Garage Makeover

Linked LogoAn innovative startup company, with creative ideas and lofty goals, located in the metro Atlanta area is changing the way homeowners think of their garages. Advanced Screenworks, LLC based in Winder, GA has introduced its patented Lifestyle Screens line of garage door screens that transform the garage from a sterile space to an exciting room with limitless possibilities… and back in a matter of seconds.

The garage, typically one of the larger enclosed spaces in the average home, is often a cavernous unused KlaarkInstallroom, its main purpose, traditionally, limited to storage or for shelter of the family vehicles. Well, off with traditions! These days, with homeowners seeking to maximize the usable space in their homes, it has become passé to utilize the garage solely for housing cars, tools and sundry junk.

As a result, garage renovation and remodeling has become an industry in of itself. Homeowners are finding ways to transform their garage into a more accessible and usable space. To do so, the garage door needs to be reconstituted into a more appealing structure that permits natural ventilation and sunlight without losing its functionality of being a permanent closure of the garage door opening. This is achieved through the use of a secondary garage door screen that interchanges with the garage door to secure the garage opening. The installation of a garage door screen system liberates the garage, allowing it to be utilized as a living space – an extension of the home that brings outdoor living… indoors!

Until now, garage door screens have suffered from a number of shortcomings. They have been unsightly additions to the frontage of homes. They are permanent structures attached to the outside facia of the garage 9192thereby detracting from the curb appeal of the homes. They tend to be poorly made and as such require extensive maintenance over time.

The patented Lifestyle Screens garage door screen system overcomes all of these shortcomings. It is designed to provide natural ventilation and natural light within the garage thereby creating an outdoor space within the home. Moreover, the Lifestyle screen is a fully retractable system that operates entirely within the garage chamber. It runs on secondary tracks independent of the garage door in such a way as to easily exchange position  with the permanent garage door when the homeowner wants to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight while still being protected from blowing leaves and debris, insects, bugs, pests and other critters behind a secure screen. Additionally, in a matter of seconds the Lifestyle screen can be retracted and the garage can be securely closed by the permanent garage door. Finally, the Lifestyle screen is aesthetically pleasing and enhances the curb appeal of the home.

Advanced Screenworks, LLC owns the patent to the technology embodied in the Lifestyle Screens garage screen system. Brian Hughes who lives in Auburn, GA and Brian Jones of Hoschton, GA are co-inventors of the single panel garage screen technology and are partners and owners of the company. Lifestyle screens are proudly manufactured, marketed, sold, and shipped out of Advanced Screenworks’ facilities in Winder, GA.

“In over 100 years there has not been a one-piece garage door screen that has been the subject of a patent9188 application filed with, or granted by, the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The quantum of invention and innovative thinking that is involved in the technology described in our patent is undeniable. The USPTO has validated our belief that our technology is extraordinary, new and innovative. We believe that our patent covers all single panel garage screens that run on rollers supported in secondary tracks,” states Rocky Persaud, the third partner and owner of Advanced Screenworks, LLC, expanding, “Our technology is currently patent pending in several international jurisdictions and is the subject of a Patent Cooperation Treaty disclosure and filing.”

Brian Hughes explains, “Lifestyle Screens garage screen system is made of high quality materials. The frame is made of 0.50 gauge architectural grade 2”x2” aluminum studs, the tracks are made of steel, the standard charcoal mesh is made of fiberglass in an 18×14 weave while the optional white privacy screen and black pet screen are made of PVC-coated polyester in a 17×20 weave. Lifestyle Screens are built to last. “

“Notwithstanding this,” Brian Jones comments, “Lifestyle screens are affordable, practical and easy to use. The screen is easily lowered or raised by hand, without any wires or remotes to deal with and they consume 9216no electricity.  Our objective in designing and fabricating the screens was to produce a product that is accessible to all homeowners. The idea of a garage being more than a garage is appealing to most homeowners. We wanted to make this possible in an economical way without requiring the homeowner to undertake a full renovation of the garage. As a result, the Lifestyle garage screen system is designed to be retrofit on to an existing garage, added on as an element of a complete renovation of the garage, or as a part of any newly constructed home or detached garage.”

“While historically garage screens have not been commonplace outside of Florida and a few other southern states, as homeowners begin to look to the garage for an affordable extension of their living space these screens have begun to find appeal everywhere and Lifestyle Screens is a driving force in this reinvention of the garage. In fact, we have already shipped Lifestyle garage screens to most states in the US in addition to Canada, Australia and South Africa. We are set up to ship globally.” states Brian Jones.

“Other manufacturers offer different screens for garage doors, ranging from products with zippered mesh9219 attached to the garage opening with Velcro® loop-and-hook, through panel and track sliding screens, to electric motorized rollup retractable screens.  Some of these systems have tracks that are bolted to the floor of the garage, under the header of the garage opening or to the frame of the house thereby interfering with clear access to the garage. What sets Lifestyle Screens garage door screen system apart from all others, is that it provides form and functionality over and above those offered by the competing products without interfering with the appearance of the garage or the home and allows for clear access to the garage. The Lifestyle Screen is installed entirely within the garage and when it is not in use it is hidden from view. Being fully retractable, the Lifestyle garage screen is either in use covering the garage opening or out of sight in its stored position. Two additional features of the Lifestyle garage screen have never been previously available from garage screens, the optional door-within-a-door feature of the Lifestyle Screen allows for passage into and out of the garage without having to raise the entire screen and the privacy screen option which provides limited visibility into the garage during the day. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, while many homeowners associations across the country have banned every other garage screen system; Lifestyle screens have been welcomed in some of the most exclusive, gated, deed-restricted communities. In fact, there are such communities where Lifestyle Screens is the only system permitted to be installed in those communities,” Brian Hughes summarizes.

Another application of the Lifestyle garage screen system is on carports. The Lifestyle screen allows the DSC01780carport to actually become the enclosed outdoor space it was originally conceived to be with the additional benefit of being secured from blowing leaves and debris, insects, bugs, pests and other critters. Traditionally, carports tend to be open to the elements on at least one side – the entrance. With the addition of the Lifestyle screen to the carport, it is thereby transformed into a fully enclosed,airy, sunlit space to be enjoyed by the entire family. Never before has this type of closure of a carport been available to homeowners: an affordable retractable closure that allows for easy, unobstructed access for the family vehicle, a passage door for easy entry and exit, and security from blowing leaves and debris, insects, bugs, pests and other critters.

Lifestyle Screens transform the garage or carport into a cool, airy space that can function as a game room, a home gym, a play room, a pet zone, the ultimate man cave, a party room, a smoking room, arts and craft room, home office or hobby room and a multitude of other uses without compromising the privacy and security of the primary garage door. It’s not just a screen, it’s a Lifestyle!

For more information on Lifestyle Screens please visit or contact:

Brian Jones, Manager Member

Lifestyle Screens® by Advanced Screenworks, LLC

955 Patrick Industrial Ct.

Winder, GA 30680

Ph: 678-926-9700

Email: brian@advancedscreenworks.com

Website: LifestyleScreens.com

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/company/Advanced-Screenworks-LLC

FaceBook: FaceBook.com/LifestyleScreens

Twitter: Twitter.com/LifestyleScreen @LifestyleScreen

Pinterest: Pinterest.com/LifestyleScreen

YouTube Channel:  YouTube.com/LifestyleScreens

BLOG: LifestyleScreens.WordPress.com

  1. Bernie Lamoureux Kissimmee Florida
    May 3, 2013 at 11:59 am

    I need a dealer’s name and address in Central Florida where I can buy a Lifestyle screen
    for a double garage door. Please email me at. bernielove46@gmail.com thankyou

  2. July 16, 2013 at 2:34 am

    Great blog, lifestyle screen really gives a trendy edge to your garage and too your home too.
    Check this Garage Doors

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    and I find It truly useful & it hеlped mme out much.
    I hope to give ѕomething back and aid others like you helped me.

  4. August 29, 2014 at 9:03 am

    There’s definately a great deal to know about this issue.
    I like all of the points you have made.

  5. March 8, 2016 at 1:46 am

    Do you ship? Is there a company in Mississippi or North Carolina

    • March 8, 2016 at 9:11 am

      Hello LaTony, we ship worldwide.
      please visit our website Dealer Locator, put in you zip-code, hit submit, and dealers close to you will show up.
      Here is the link to the dealer locator: http://www.lifestylescreens.com/Dealer-Locator.html
      If you cannot find a dealer that serves your area, give us a ring at 678-926-9700 and ask for Brian.

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