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Product Enhancement: Pre-Assembled Wheel Brackets…

Pre-assembled wheel brackets are coming soon. This will save you time and money.

Pre-Assembled Brackets

Pre-Assembled Brackets

At Lifestyle Screens we are constantly seeking ways to simplify the installation process for our dealers. Time is money. The less time you spend on the job, the more screens you can install per day.

In the Lifestyle Screens hardware box you will soon find the wheel brackets pre-assembled with the rollers, bushings, pushnuts, cable  pins and E-clips all pre-installed. This will not only cut your installation time even further,  but it will also eliminate the possibility that the wheel brackets are installed incorrectly. With the rollers pre-installed there is only one possible way for each wheel bracket to be affixed to the frame. Additionally, this reduces the number of loose parts that you have to handle in the installation.

As you are also aware, we have developed a patented screen clipping system and clips that cut the time it takes to screen the bays. Our dealers are so pleased with this process that we feel compelled to repeat it here:

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