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The 68 Minute Lifestyle Garage Screen Installation Video

For everyone who desires to install the Lifestyle Screens garage screen, the 68 Minute Installation Video is a MUST see! Whether you are a garage door professional, a home service professional, screened products professional or just a plain newbie, you will discover the simplicity of installing the Lifestyle garage screen by looking at this video.

This video was recorded with the objective of showing the installation of a Lifestyle Screen from start to finish in one continuous filming. This is the actual elapsed time video. The idea came about from suggestions from dealers all around. Without hurrying or tricky camera work, the professional installed the Lifestyle Screen from start to finish in 68 Minutes! Please take a look at the video by clicking the link below. As always, you can view all of our videos (and we will be adding many more) at:

Click Here to Watch the 68 Minute Installation Video

Lifestyle Screens Install

Lifestyle Screens Installation In Progress

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Screening Made Easy!

The Lifestyle garage screen door system is pretty easy to assemble, but we still hear from some installers that the most challenging aspect of the install is screening the frame. In response to this, Advanced Screenworks has not only created a new patented product to help you with this step of the installation, but we have also added two new videos to the dealer area of the website. If you would like to see the how quickly the screening can be installed in real time: one video shows screen installation of the standard screen; the other video shows an efficient technique for installing the superscreen option. You may watch these videos below; from our YouTube page, or enter the dealer only section of the Lifestyle Screens website to download it. It’s definitely worth your time to check it out!

and the superscreen installation technique:

We sell directly only to dealers and distributors. Homeowners purchase from our dealers and distributors.  We will refer homeowner inquiries that we receive to a dealer in the homeowner’s locality.

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