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Installation Tip: What is the Best Tool to Use for Screening?

Frequently, we are asked: What is the best tool to use for screening the Lifestyle garage screen?
We prefer to use the $2.99 plastic spline rolling tools available at all of the big box and most local hardware stores. The roller discs should be plastic, as these are less likely to cut the fiberglass screen material if you accidentally press too hard.  Typically, there are 2 roller discs on each end of the spline rolling tool. One roller disk will have a concave grooved edge. The other roller disc will have a convex rounded edge.

Screen Rolling Tool

Spline Rolling Tool

Remember, for our application, always roll in the spline using the roller disc with the grooved edge by placing the groove over the exposed edge of the spline and rolling.
FYI, the other roller disc at the opposite end with the rounded edge is for screening window frames.
We also recommend that you view our Easy Screening video available on our YouTube channel.
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