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Marketing Spotlight: How Do I Get in on the Holiday Selling Season?

There are many ways to successfully market the Lifestyle garage screen during the holiday shopping season. The Lifestyle garage screen is a perfect gift for the person who has everything because, being a recently released product, chances are high that most homeowners do not as of yet have the Lifestyle garage screen.
(a) It is important to be where the customer is. This is generally in strip malls and shopping centers. Our display booth works perfectly as a kiosk. Shopping centers and strip malls rent kiosk locations during the holidays. Several dealers have been successful at these locations. However, to be successful in such a venue you will also need to (i) be equipped with credit card acceptance devices, (ii) print up and offer gift certificates for the Lifestyle garage screen. Plan early, reserve your kiosk spaces early and prepare your gift certificates ahead of time. Be prepared.
(b) Another place that consumers flock to during the holiday shopping season is online. Amazon and Ebay are perfect venues to offer the Lifestyle garage screen. Determine the territory within which you will install the Lifestyle screen and list your offering on Amazon, Ebay and other online shopping venues. Prepare your listing and have it inserted in these shopping sites early.
(c) Offer holiday coupons and discounts. Everyone is looking for a deal these days. You can insert a flyer, coupons and other offers into each piece of mail that you send out to customers. If you are already mailing invoices, bills, or statements to customers, you can send your offers to these customers at zero additional cost.
Lifestyle Screens Display Booth

Lifestyle Screens Display Booth

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